Candice Swanepoel and lingerie are a match made in Heaven

Looks like Candice Swanepoel is back in overdrive, continuing her quest to be the busiest/sexiest model on the planet, as today we get the pleasure of seeing her model more sultry lingerie for Victoria’s Secret. I am especially a fan of the bra where she isn’t actually wearing one. That’s my fave.

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As you can clearly see by these new pictures, Victoria’s Secret is also in overdrive, putting out loads of sexy new lingerie sure to look good on any woman. As good as they look on Candice, you ask? That’s a judgment call you’ll have to make for yourself. (And if the answer is yes, please do pass along photos.)

Want a little more Candice Swanepoel? We’ve got you covered right here.

Photo credit: Victoria’s Secret