You won’t believe what celebrities are being paid to attend Coachella


Maybe even more surprising than what some celebrities are being paid to attend Coachella, is what some celebrities asked companies to pay them to attend the festival this weekend.

Get ready to hate your life…

According to the Daily News, Vanessa Hudgens is raking in $15,000 from McDonald’s, while Glee’s Lea Michele is getting $20,000 to wear Lacoste clothes, all while doing nothing more than walking around having a good time.

Other celebs asking prices were also quite interesting. Reportedly Aaron Paul wanted $15,000 and two VIP passes, Kate Bosworth wanted $30,000 (really?), Joe Jonas was looking for something under $20,000, while British fashion blogger Louise Roe (whoever that is) asked for $5,000 and three tickets.

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Damn, I should have hit some company up. They could had a real steal sending me. I don’t need $15K from McDonald’s. I would have settled for airfare, hotel accomodations, one ticket and few Big Macs. Oh well, their loss.

Lea Michele, Vanessa Hudgens are being paid to attend Coachella music festival; Aaron Paul, Kate Bosworth, other celebs seeking deals [Daily News]

Vanessa Hudgens image by Featureflash/Shutterstock