Christen Dye made the Hometown Hotties finals; more sexy pics to celebrate!

Back in August we asked you to vote for one of our favorite models, Christen Dye, in this year’s Maxim Hometown Hotties contest. You did well, and now she’s in the finals. To celebrate (and get you to vote again), here are more smoking hot pics of her.

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In the last video we saw of Christen telling us why we should vote for her, we learned that she’s 23 years-old, from Memphis, enjoys Pilates and yoga, worked with her dad on dirt bikes and race cars (which her dad races) as a kid, and loves to travel and to cook.

Now, with her in the finals we learn from her Maxim profile that her favorite movie quote is anything that Will Ferrell says in any of his movies (“I’m Ricky Bobby. If you don’t chew Big Red, then f**k you.”) and that Whataburger is her fave drunk food.

So, I ask? What’s not to like here?


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