Dai Macedo is your 2013 Miss Bum Bum Brazil amid a wee bit of controversy

In one of the most eagerly awaited contests of the year (by men) Dai Macedo has been officially crowned the 2013 Miss Bum Bum Brazil, but not without some controversy.

Apparently a few of the contestants thought it would be easier to just pay their way to the title as two women were accused of *gasp* bribing judges (in Brazil?!) in an effort to win the crown, according to a recent report by the Daily News.

“It’s no longer a secret to anyone that Miss Bumbum has been bought and already has a winner, Mari Sousa,” a rival for bodacious butt of the year Poliana Lopes, 23, alleged.

“I’m very sad because the result isn’t deserved, and her bottom isn’t the most beautiful,” she added.

“As you know Miss Bumbum already has a winner (not because of her own merits, but by other means),” said fellow competitor Sheyla Mel, 24, on Twitter.

“I want to thank everyone for voting for me, but we’re in Brazil where everything has a price,” she added.

Allegedly contestant Eliana Amaral paid approximately $32,000 only to be outbribed by contestant Maria Sousa. But as it turned out Miss Bum Bum Brazil didn’t have a predetermined winner after all. Justice prevails!

In case these pictures of Dai Macedo aren’t enough (and how could they be) here are a couple of videos showing just why she “legitimately” earned the title.