Chris Pine explains why every man on Earth should hate him

A couple of weeks ago we looked at the alleged dating history of Chris Pine, star of the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness, and at the time we believed he was still dating South African model Dominique Piek. (Did you know she was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and used to date Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson? Screw you too, C.J.) It turns out that Pine and Piek broke up sometime this spring.

Now we get to the part where it becomes perfectly acceptable, if you are a man, to direct all your hate (read: jealousy) at Chris Pine…

“It’s really hard in our business to maintain something,” he tells Out magazine. “For me, right now, it’d be really hard.”

As for whether or not the actor will have a hard time meeting someone new…

“Well, I’m a 32-year-old man,” he says, and half-covers a not-so-bashful grin with his hand. “I feel like it’s always springtime.”

I hate you, Chris Pine.

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Photo credit: YouTube/World Swimsuit