Elin Nordegren ‘hates’ Lindsey Vonn

Why does Elin Nordegren reportedly hate Lindsey Vonn? Near as I can tell it’s basically because she wants to Tiger Woods to die a thousand deaths and never, ever be happy again. Can you really blame her though?

According to Us

The golfer’s ex-wife, who divorced him 2010 after his epic cheating scandal, “hates Lindsey Vonn and everything about this romance.”

I am sure those lovely Facebook pictures didn’t help. Even if Tiger and Lindsey dating is just a PR move.

Swedish-born former model and nanny Nordegren, the source adds, is “angry Tiger even has visitation rights to the kids.”

Like I said, she really hates his guts.

What does Woods think about Nordegren’s anger? “He doesn’t care about her,” the source adds of his wife of six years. “He’s so egotistical!”

I see only one way for Lindsey and Elin to get this sorted out: bikini oil wrestling. Man, I should have been a diplomat.

Elin Nordegren “Hates” Lindsey Vonn, “Angry” at Tiger Woods [Us]