Ellen doesn’t own the rights to her epic Oscars selfie; guess who does?

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Ellen DeGeneres may own the record for the most retweeted tweet of all time, but she doesn’t own the rights to the photo that she tweeted. Take a wild guess who does? (Hint: it isn’t the Academy Awards.)

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According to TMZ, the owner of the legendary photo is actually Bradley Cooper because he was actually the person who took the picture. That’s the law. They say even if Ellen signed away her rights to the Academy for whatever she did when hosting the show even they wouldn’t own it because Ellen can’t give away the rights to Cooper. So unless Cooper had some deal with the Academy, the pic is all his to do with what he wishes (like make money off it).

Thus ends our class in Twitter photo copyright laws. We now return you back to our regularly scheduled humor, stupidity, sports, and boobs.

Ellen Doesn’t Own Famous Oscar Photo … Guess Who Does [TMZ]

Screenshot: ABC

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