EXCLUSIVE: Elin Nordegren does or does not approve of Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn

Depending on which celebrity tabloid you read, you get two very different stories about whether Elin Nordegren approves of Tiger Woods’ relationship with Lindsey Vonn. Amazingly they were both entitled “Exclusive” too.

The NY Post’s “Exclusive” says —

Sources tell us the former model believes her ex “seems happy with Lindsey, and she gets on well with their children.”

While Us Weekly’s “Exclusive” says —

Despite a Page Six report that Elin Nordegren approves of ex-husband Tiger Woods’ girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, and thinks that she’s “a very good influence on Tiger,” a source tells Us Weekly that it’s simply not true.

“Elin can’t say anything else,” a source close to Vonn told Us. “She got a settlement and there’s a confidentiality agreement, and she isn’t allowed to disparage him in the press or she loses some of that $100 million.”

The insider added, “She still despises Tiger. As time goes on, it probably gets easier, but she definitely doesn’t like having Lindsey around her kids.”

Now I am going to go ahead and provide my own EXCLUSIVE!!!!1!! I will now wildly speculate in the true fashion of everything tabloid regarding Tiger, Lindsay, and Elin. Here we go. Elin Nordegren (as well as 90% of people reading this) don’t give a flying fuck what Tiger Woods does with Lindsey Vonn, or any other woman for that matter.

You can just send me my Pulitzer c/o Guyism. Thank you.

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