Guess which former ‘Baywatch’ babe dined and dashed at a Red Sox game

There were so many Baywatch babes back in the day guessing which one dined and dashed at Fenway Park the other day could prove difficult. Of course now that you’ve seen the photo you have a pretty good idea that it was Traci Bingham.

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According to the Post

Buxom Bingham allegedly had trouble paying the bill after she and five spirited friends enjoyed drinks and shots at an exclusive club in the stadium while the Red Sox were losing.

“Three attempts to run her card were declined, and the party was over as her sister and other members of the crew scattered, leaving through different exits,” my eyewitness reports.

Man, I wish there was video of this. Of course, Bingham naturally pulled the “Don’t you know who I am?” card, saying, “Do you have daughters? Can I get a discount?” to the manager. Who, of course, wasn’t the least bit impressed.

At least no charges have yet to be filed against her.

Damn, could you imagine something like this happening to Pamela Anderson, queen of Baywatch? Oh, yeah, bad example. Never mind.

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Traci Bingham image by s_bukley/Shutterstock
Lifeguard station image by Shutterstock