Lost another one: Halle Berry got married to Olivier Martinez

In case you missed it, we lost yet another fine woman to the clutched of marriage as Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez were wed over the weekend.

Says USA Today

According to reports, the Oscar-winning actress, 46, wed French actor Olivier Martinez, 47, on Saturday at the Chateau des Conde in Vallery, France. […] The wedding was likely an intimate affair.

You mean her ex-boyfriend wasn’t invited so he could beat up the groom again?

This now makes three marriages for Halle Berry following her divorces from David Justice and Eric Benet. The ex who beat up Martinez, Gabriel Aubry, and Berry were never married, but they did have a child together. Berry and Martinez are currently expecting her second child.

This has been quite a cycle we have going on these days. We lose Elisha Cuthbert, we get back Stacy Keibler. We lose Halle Berry, we get back Kaley Cuoco. Someone still owes us for Selena Gomez though.

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