Harry Styles reportedly sending sexy texts to Taylor Swift while dating Kendall Jenner


Taylor Swift image by Anton Oparin/Shutterstock

One Direction’s Harry Styles is officially this generation’s Leonardo DiCaprio as now it’s being reported that he’s been sending sexy texts to Taylor Swift while also seeing Kendall Jenner and, allegedly, Daisy Lowe.

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Reports Hollywood Life

“Harry has been sending Taylor sexy texts for months. Most of the time she just ignores him but she’s lonely and she still has feelings for him so you can’t really blame her for getting sucked back in. He’s very persistent and very charming,” the source says. “His new song is totally about Taylor. He still wants her back. Will he be the good boyfriend that she wants? I doubt it but she’s talking to him again so it does seem like she’s falling back under his spell.”

Apparently she is falling back “under his spell” as they also reported that Taylor is all pissed off that Harry is hooking up with Kendall Jenner.

Perhaps the next time someone visits Taylor’s home they’ll see a picture of Harry next to that one of Kanye that she keeps handy…for inspiration, of course.

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Harry Styles’ Sexy Text Messages To Taylor Swift Revealed [Hollywood Life]

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