Hayden Panettiere shows that being sexy has no height requirement

Hayden Panettiere, unlike the last two sexy actresses we’re featured today, does not get wet in this new behind the scenes video of a recent photo shoot. But that in no way means that it’s not worth watching. As you probably know Hayden Panettiere is one of the stars of that new show Nashville where she gets to do a little singing, so in this video from Nylon she talks a little bit about that in between looks at the sexy pictures Nylon took of her for their cover shoot. And look sexy she does. It hard to believe that Hayden Panettiere is so tiny because on video she certainly doesn’t show it. That’s why she’s ranked so high on our 50 Sexiest Actresses Under the Age of 30 list. We do not discriminate; short, tall, it doesn’t matter if a woman is gorgeous. We’re progressive like that.

Can’t get enough Hayden Panettiere? We’ve got you covered right here.

Photo credit: YouTube/Nylon