Heads up, America: Amanda Bynes now allowed to leave rehab for outings

Amanda Bynes twitter dope

Amanda Bynes, Twitter

We haven’t heard much from Amanda Bynes since she was involuntarily detained on a psychiatric hold back in July, but now it appears she’s making some progress as she’s allowed to leave the facility for special outings. Supervised outings, that is. We don’t want to get too crazy here.

“Amanda is being given two passes a week to go the beach, or out to eat and do things like that, accompanied by a professional handler,” a source told FOX411. “She is making great progress.”

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Initially Bynes was checked into the UCLA psych ward, but moved to a rehab facility last month where reportedly she is receiving treatment specifically for her needs. She is expected to remain there for at least three more months. Anyone else marking the days off their calendar until that happens?

Source: Amanda Bynes allowed out of rehab for outings [Fox News]