Heide Lindgren and Nicole Trunfio make lingerie look twice as nice

Heide Lindgren and Nicole Trunfio are a couple of models that you may have heard of in the past. Then again, maybe you haven’t. So here they are modeling bikinis and lingerie. Heide Lindgren (above) was one of the ladies we placed on our list of the 66 sexiest redheads in the world while back. She doesn’t have an entry on Wikipedia, but she does have a Web site for you to learn more. Nicole Trunfio does have a Wikipedia page which tells us she’s Australian, 27 years-old, and won a TV show down there called Search for a Supermodel. As for this video by Palmers featuring their summer collection, it might be one of the most comprehensive behind the scenes bikini/lingerie videos I have ever seen. Unlike most, which are usually 30 seconds or a minute long, this one goes on for three and a half minutes. In other words, it’s fantastic.

Photo credit: YouTube/Palmers