Hot on Instagram: Logan Melissa

Instagram has opened up a whole new world for beautiful women to get noticed. Instead of having to hire a PR firm, they now can just post their pictures on the Internet and people will follow them.

Today we take a look at one such woman in Logan Melissa.

Logan on Instagram: @heightfiveseven

She has over 3,500 followers, but once you see what she does and how creatively she does it you’ll realize that number should be much higher.

Logan, who runs the Web site HeightFiveSeven, is one of the more creative models we’ve seen on Instagram. What makes her unique is that she pays tribute to various album covers by posing with them while wearing bikinis and other assorted sexy outfits. She even usually provides a quick little story to go with each picture. And it doesn’t appear as if she’s going to have any problem continuing to do this because as she says, “I got a thousand old records in my crib.” Since I know you’ll now be following her on Instagram, as you should, you might as well go ahead and follow her on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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Photo credit: Logan Melissa, Instagram

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