There’s A Rumor Going Around That Iggy Azalea Was Born A Man So Here’s The ‘Proof’ To Back It Up

Did you know that Iggy Azalea was born a man? Neither did I. Sounds like total horseshit to me, but what do I know? I’m not Iggy Azalea so it’s not like I can just ask myself if I was born with a giant schlong.

You know who can ask Iggy though?, a random website I’ve never heard of until today. According to the site Iggy confessed that she was born a man during an interview with MTV…except Iggy apparently doesn’t remember doing that.





But it wasn’t just Iggy who was like “Wait wut m8,” even MTV was like:

…um, we’re MTV, and Iggy never said that to us.

And so this is what happens, ladies and gentlemen, when people are stupid and don’t realize when they’re reading intentional bullshit “news.” You see, describes itself under the “About us” portion of their website as follows:

Yeah, it’s a website full of bullshit that strives to be the pop culture-oriented version of The Onion. I mean look at their home page:

Kanye West is pissed he can’t follow himself on Twitter? Granted, that’s pretty clever, but also obvious bullshit because even Kanye West isn’t so stupid as to say something like that out loud in front of reporters. The Internet would have a goddamn field day. Take this as a lesson folks: if it sounds like stupid bullshit, it probably is stupid bullshit.

So now when you hear a friend say “Oh dude I heard Iggy Azalea was born a man,” you can say “Shut the fuck up you’re an idiot” and then send them over to this post so they can feel bad about themselves and wallow in shame and stupidity.

You’re welcome.

[H/T MTV News and Huzlers, header image via Youtube]