Don’t mess with supermodel Izabel Goulart or she will break you

What is it with all the supermodels training to be lethal weapons with their hands and feet these days? Now we have Izabel Goulart showing us just how powerful her leg kicks are during an MMA workout. First we had Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio showing that she’s not a chick to be messed with, then Renata Kuerten, and this week it’s Izabel Goulart.

This video is a far cry from the one we shared earlier this year of Izabel that we called “one of the sexiest of the year.” This one just scares me. I am not really a fan of that kick where she starts low and SLAMS her leg up. Guess I won’t be approaching her too quickly for an autograph if I ever see her for fear of never being able to reproduce again.

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