James Franco’s art show is called ‘Gay Town’?

James Franco


This guy. This freaking guy. What does he even think he’s doing? I don’t even have the words to describe how I feel about James Franco these days. He was great on Freaks And Geeks and made a bunch of money from Spider-Man and then decided to just do whatever the hell he wanted to, including publishing a (badly-reviewed) book of short stories, fronting a band, making art films with Gus Van Sant and teaching at NYU. And now he’s moving into visual art. Because why not?

Queerty has the details on Franco’s new solo art show courtesy of Berlin’s Peres Projects. The exhibition, which opened on February 9th in a pop-up space on the Karl-Marx Allee, is saucily entitled “Gay Town” and features paintings and other mixed media work by the actor created over the last two years on set, in hotel rooms and in makeshift studios around the world.

From the images provided, it doesn’t look like Franco is that great a painter. The press release for the show says that some of the pieces are inspired by his various movie roles, including the Spring Breakers shot above, but who can really tell? They look like a third grader did them as art therapy. And don’t get me started on the “installation pieces,” which feature lots of video monitors and neon lights spelling out “F*cking James Franco.” Just because you can have your art show doesn’t mean you should.

I’m apparently in the minority, though, as art critics seem to be eating “Gay Town” up with a spoon. Maybe I should get some poster paint and write “WEED” on a big piece of canvas too. That’s apparently all it takes to make art now.