Jasmine Symone is a gorgeous, not shy ‘one to watch’

Jasmine Symone, for those of you who are unfamiliar (like I was), is a model. Or as she calls herself on Facebook – a “Playboy Model.” Got your attention now, don’t I? So leave it to one of our new favorite photographers Matt Blum (he of the Jesse Lee Denning and Jade Bryce videos you enjoyed so much) to discover her and put her in front of his amazing lens. A lens, that as you will see, he really needs to work on keeping clean before the shoot takes place. (You’ll see.) As for what we know about Jasmine (other than that she’s on Facebook), we know that she is 22, has shot for Playboy, she’s on Twitter, and has three tattoos (see if you can spot them). That’s more than enough for us to deem her another model that is “one to watch.”

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Photo credit: YouTube/Matt Blum

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