Jennifer Akerman, Malin’s hotter sister pounds beers, gets sweaty in new video

I didn’t even know Malin Akerman had a sister, let alone one that’s even sexier than her, but here she is, Jennifer Akerman, looking all sweaty working out and slamming beers in a hot new video. Now we’ve said in the past that Malin is overrated for the last couple of years, but now that we know she has this hot sister that could change. Family is very important.

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Unfortunately there is very little in the way of details regarding Jennifer Akerman on the Internet. All Galore magazine has is an interview with the dudes who took the video and a bunch of sexy pics of Jennifer (those are nice). She does have her own Web site — which is entirely in Swedish. If only there were some easy way to translate it to English. Someone really needs to get to work on that.