You really must watch this new Jennifer Love Hewitt music video

I’m not joking. It’s truly epic. For some reason Jennifer Love Hewitt has made a music video as a part of her role on The Client List and let me tell you that it really has just about everything one would want. The song she’s singing called “I’m a Woman” is really irrelevant compared to what is going on in the video. First off she’s doing all sorts of sexy gyrating and dancing. Secondly there is tons of tons of cleavage action because she’s pretty much wearing nothing but lingerie. And the topper is that old go-to move of splashing the sexy woman with buckets of water. Seriously, what else do you need? I never thought I would watch a show on Lifetime, but I have to say that today I have been convinced to check it out.

(And this is why she came in at #1 on our 50 Sexiest Women of Primetime TV list.)

Photo credit: YouTube/Lifetime