Justin Bieber called a woman a ‘bitch’ for trying to take his picture

It really never ends with this little dink does it? Just hours before his alleged attempted robbery at a mini-golf course Justin Bieber called a woman a bitch at a horse riding stable. Of course it was all caught on video.

Melinda Giel-Murray tells TMZ, she and her horse were at the Circle K Stables in Burbank, CA when Bieber pulled up to go horseback riding.

Giel-Murray says she whipped out her camera, but Bieber immediately freaked — and in the video you hear him say, “that bitch over there” … as he points out Melinda to his posse.

Giel-Murray claims 4 security goons surrounded her and tried to intimidate her, but she stood her ground … telling them there’s no law against taking pictures.

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Sure, Biebs, sure…