JWoww is an actress now, joins cast of ‘One Life to Live’

Jenni “JWoww” Farley of Jersey Shore fame is delving into the world of “real” acting as she has been officially cast in the role of Nikki, a bartender at Shelter, on One Life to Live.

Now you may be saying, “I thought One Life to Live went off the air?” And you would be correct, but the show is getting a revival online and will air on Hulu and iTunes as a 30-minute Web series. However, if you live in Canada you can catch it on FX Canada. You lucky Canucks, you!

Says JWoww about her new role…

“I used to watch it with my grandmother,” JWoww said. “I always said, ‘If I do this, I have to do it for my grams’ because she’ll be looking down and be like, ‘Oh my gosh, my granddaughter is on my show.’ Now that I’m in it, I’m like, ‘This is awesome, this is the best thing ever.’ I was very scared though going into it, like shitting myself scared.”

So not only do we get a much-anticipated third season of Snooki & JWoww, we also have this. It’s like ALL JWOWW, ALL THE TIME!!

As to whether this is a one-shot deal or just the beginning of her acting, JWoww said, “As long as it stays true to me and I don’t look like an asshole, I’m good.”

So it’s probably a one-shot deal then.

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