Kanye West says no to prenup, ignoring Kris Jenner’s reason for living

Kanye West has done some crazy things in his life, but not having Kim Kardashian sign a prenuptial agreement might be the craziest thing he’s ever done. He says that he thinks it would be “tacky” and “awkward” to get a prenup. We’ll see how tacky he thinks it is when Kim’s momager Kris drops the hammer on him if and when they get divorced.

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Reports Hollywood Life

“Kanye’s in love with Kim to the point of infatuation. It’s scary because the love is so powerful, Kanye doesn’t even want to have a prenup,” the source says. “He thinks it’s tacky and he doesn’t want to offend Kim or make anything seem awkward. He loves Kim too much for that to even cross his mind. He thinks of his money and his accomplishments and hers and he wants to share them with her — no strings attached.”

Did Kris Jenner write that?

“Kanye’s got more money than the he knows what to do with — so does Kim. He doesn’t care about that,” the source reveals. “If he died tomorrow, everything he has is in Kim and Nori’s name. There will be no prenup. It’s all about love, nothing else matters.”

So…dumbest move ever made by an American male celebrity?

I’m guessing that what you see below will be Kanye at some point in the future. Only with an oncoming train joining the picture.


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Kanye West: Why He Doesn’t Want A Prenup With Kim Kardashian [Hollywood Life]