Kate Upton is definitely dating Justin Verlander again, probably


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Despite a report last week that said that Kate Upton and Justin Verlander were not dating, a new report now says that the two were in the Bahamas together all weekend. Hey, two male and female friends who used to date can go to the Bahamas and stuff and still not be dating, right?

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Reports Us

The buxom model, 21, and the Detroit Tigers pitcher, 30, “spent all weekend in the Bahamas together” on the gorgeous tropical island St. Thomas, the insider tells Us. “We spotted them looking very cozy having dinner at the restaurant Mahogany House near Lyford Cay,” says the eyewitness. Upton, who had her hair in a bun with a blue scarf, and Verlander, wearing a white button-down shirt, were “sitting on the same side of the table” for the romantic meal.

Remember, last week it was said that she was just in Philly because he asked for her to visit him before surgery and that she wanted to be there for him. If spending the weekend in the Bahamas with him is her idea of “showing support” I really need to start meeting more women like her. That or I should have become a professional baseball player. One of those things.

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