Sweet… Kate Upton revealed what she looks for in a man

Since she’s pretty much everywhere these days promoting The Other Woman Kate Upton has been asked a lot of questions, but one in particular got our ears to perk up: “What do you look for in a man?” Of course that whole debacle of whether or not Kate didn’t like her big boobs got our attention awhile back, but thankfully that’s been resolved the way it should have been.

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As for what she looks for in a guy, Kate gave us this answer…

“I look for someone with a sense of humor and someone I could be myself with.”

That’s it? That’s all we get? Dammit, Kate. As Cameron Diaz so eloquently pointed out you’re more than just a great pair of boobs, couldn’t you elaborate a little bit. And who was conducting this interview? Satan? Press on with the questions, man! We want to know more about why Justin Verlander and Maks Chmerkovskiy have been able to go where very few men have gone before.

Sigh…so disappointing. Here, this will make it better…

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What Kate Upton Looks For in a Man [E!]

Kate Upton photo: Yahoo Movies