Kate Upton in a bikini, even for just a little bit, is worth a watch

Kate Upton, Kate Upton, Kate Upton. What can we say? We never seem to grow tired of her for some reason. Oh yeah, because she’s super hot, that’s why. She’s so hot that even when the video, like this one for Accesorize, isn’t exactly the most sexy thing in the world we still want to watch. (It wouldn’t make our list of the 40 Sexiest Kate Upton Videos on the Web.) But all is not lost here guys, because the folks at Accessorize aren’t stupid. They did manage to squeeze in a couple of scenes of Kate Upton in a bikini, just hang in there for it (proof below and above). My only question is, if you have Kate Upton in a bikini, and you’re shooting video, why isn’t whole video of her in a bikini? Duh.

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Photo credit: YouTube/Accesorize