Kendall Jenner responds to her epic teleprompter Fail at the Billboard Music Awards

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kendall jenner billboard awards

Hard to believe that someone who comes from a family that values education as much as the Kardashians could flub a simple thing like reading off a teleprompter but that’s exactly what Kendall Jenner did last night.

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Presenting 5 Seconds of Summer at the Billboard Music Awards, Kendall Jenner proceeded to say this, “This summer and now we welcome onnnneee. Guys, I’m the worst reader.” One, five, they’re both numbers, right? And 5 Seconds of Summer is from Australia while One Direction is from England and they do speak similarly, so, easy mistake. Maybe she just had Harry on the brain. No? It was because you forgot your contacts? Oh, thanks Kendall. That explains it.


Of course Twitter was very restrained and kind and let her off easy…





Here’s the flub in all its Kardashianesque glory.

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