Kesha unrecognizable and sexy in new Instagram pics

A couple of weeks ago Kesha posted some very Kesha-like photos to Instagram, showing her butt, covered in glitter, etc. But this week she posted some pics that are relatively normal and dare we say, sexy? Key word there is “relatively.” This is Kesha after all.

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I’m not sure why Kesha posted these photos to Instagram because her captions don’t really tell us much. (“It’s going down. I’m yelling #timber.”) But then again, every week we see hundreds of photos like this for no apparent reason. (That’s why we love Instagram.) All I know is that these photos hardly look like Kesha, but the fact that there’s a lot of butt and underboob in them definitely ensures that, yes, they are her. I think I like it.

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Photo credit: Kesha, Instagram