Kristen Stewart explains St. Patrick’s Day

by 6 years ago

Kristen Stewart (or someone who looks and sounds like her) is back with more of her wit and wisdom, this time she helps us to better understand the meaning and history of St. Patrick’s Day. Barely Political’s “K-Stew Explains” series has everything you need to know about the most hallowed of drinking holidays. Such as the fact that St. Patrick was kidnapped and sent to Ireland to become a shepherd, the Holy Trinity is like a shamrock with the leaves representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Moly, the fact that if you don’t wear a shamrock on St. Paddy’s Day you get pinched because the Irish think you’re the anti-Christ, and more stellar, super true St. Patrick’s Day facts. Oh, and St. Patrick also invented the Shamrock Shake, that too.

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