Leonardo DiCaprio hung out with Miranda Kerr; you know what that means

Mirana Kerr Leonardo DiCaprio

Miranda Kerr image by DFree/Shutterstock

Remember a few weeks ago when I said “Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have separated; line forms to the left?” Looks like you might have to stand behind Leonardo DiCaprio.

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An eyewitness at the eatery says Kerr, who was with two girlfriends, and DiCaprio sat across from each other. Kerr wore sunglasses, skinny black pants and a black shirt and ate sushi while DiCaprio enjoyed chicken teriyaki.

“They looked like they were having a great time,” a source tells E! News of Kerr and DiCaprio, who weren’t acting flirty in any way. “They came with a bunch of friends and were overheard talking about going out the night before.”

“Enjoyed chicken teriyaki”…that’s code, right?

Now we know what a penchant Leo has for dating supermodels and there are very few models out there as super as Miranda Kerr so the fact that he might be circling her like a hawk should come as no surprise. Not to mention the fact that Miranda recently said she was trying to get into acting. Perhaps Leo can show her his spiffy casting cast.

If this doesn’t happen I’ll be far more surprised than if it does…and more than a little disappointed in Leo.

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Miranda Kerr Hangs Out With Leonardo DiCaprio in Las Vegas After Split From Orlando Bloom [E!]