Lindsay Lohan nude video and pictures leaked from ‘The Canyons’

Pictures and video of Lindsay Lohan nude in the movie The Canyons have been leaked. And by leaked I mean they were probably sent out by someone in the movie’s PR department. Why? Because it might possibly be the only reason for anyone to want to watch The Canyons.

Lohan, who was just released from rehab, appears in The Canyons with adult film star James Deen (so right there you know it’s a quality flick) and the movie has just been released on Video on Demand in some markets. So there’s another reason.

My only question is why these scenes would be leaked? I mean, if you go here and here and check out the screencaps, and go here and check out the clips, you’ve pretty much seen all there probably is to see, right?

That being said, after watching the clips myself, I still want to see The Canyons, just like I like to slow down and have a look when I see a mind-boggling crash on the interstate. How about you?

Want even more Lindsay Lohan? We’ve got more right here.

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