Try not to laugh, Lindsay Lohan is worried her reality show has ruined her career

Oh my, I’ll try my best to write up this story about how Lindsay Lohan thinks her reality show might have ruined her career, but I can’t…stop…laughing. As if the four thousand other stupid things she’s done over the years weren’t enough to make Hollywood not want to touch her with a 10-foot pole, now LiLo thinks that her reality show is stopping her from getting work? Oh, that’s rich.

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According to Radar Lindsay is worried that the fact that her reality show’s ratings suck, she’s not going to be in demand anymore. Uh, Linds, the show is on OWN. I don’t even know where to find that on my cable system. There’s also the fact that the show, viewed by dozens, revealed that she relapsed in her quest to stay sober and she thinks that’ll causes issues as well when it comes to finding employment.

She wishes that the producers would have shown a better side of her, like when she did her community service.

“For example, there was about five hours of footage shot when Lindsay fulfilled part of her community service obligation by working with at-risk kids,” the source says. “On the show, only ten minutes made it on the air. She actually put in more time than was required that day, and that was completely ignored.”

Uh, Lindsay. You were doing community service because you were arrested for like the sixth time. Perhaps she forgot that little tidbit.

And here she was, sooooo close to getting that role in The Avengers.

Hahahaha! Sorry. I just couldn’t help it

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Excuses, Excuses! Lindsay Lohan Tells Friends Reality Show Has Hurt Her Chance At A Comeback [Radar]

Lindsay Lohan image by Everett Collection/Shutterstock