Lindsay Lohan’s reality show was almost cancelled already

Which is pretty impressive, even for LiLo, considering that Lindsay Lohan’s reality show hasn’t even aired a single episode yet.

Reportedly Oprah, who is bankrolling this train wreck in waiting, heard from the crew and producers on Lohan’s reality show that LiLo wasn’t exactly being the model worker and threatened to pull the plug on the whole thing. (I know. I’m as shocked as you are.)

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“There was a lot of chaos going on,” Oprah told “Access Hollywood.” “So I went to have a conversation, a real conversation about that, to say to [Lindsay], ‘Do you want to do it? Because if you don’t want to do it, that’s okay. We could just end it. We don’t have to do it.”

“I went to her house just to say, ‘What are you doing? Let’s get real here.’ And…’This is what’s conflicting about it.’ Because it’s television and we stand to gain if it does well. I said, ‘If I get here and Lindsay isn’t serious, I will shut this thing down today.’”

Eh, if this 8-part documentary (as they’re calling it, and is probably a more appropriate name for it) gets shitcanned I’m sure Lohan has loads of other deals just sitting there on the table that could net her about $2 million, like this show reportedly will. The money train never ends when you’re LiLo.

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