Listen to Selena Gomez drop a giant F-bomb at the 2013 KIIS FM Jingle Ball

Selena Gomez apparently did not have nearly as much fun as Miley Cyrus at the 2013 KIIS FM Jingle Ball as you can clearly hear her drop a giant F-bomb during her performance.

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Apparently Selena was having some technical difficulties during her performance (some have said it was because she was lip-synching to a backup track because she kept adjusting her earpiece) when she decided to get all potty-mouthed. But that wasn’t the only issue for The Selinator, oh no, she also reportedly left her set early, walking off stage after just one song despite telling the audience she was going to do two more.

So who was actually naughtier at the Jingle Ball this year? Miley or Selena? You make the call.

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