This Picture Of A Shitfaced Mark Zuckerberg Should Be His New Facebook Profile Photo

Even though Mark Zuckerberg spends his time being in charge of a multi-million dollar website I’m sure the guy needs to let loose every now and then. All work and no play makes people kill each other, which is a lesson I learned from The Shining and will assume is true because that’s a great fucking movie and don’t you dare tell me it’s boring I will fucking cut you.

Would you fuck with that? Because I wouldn’t.

But back to Mark Zuckerberg. Bro needs to go out and enjoy himself sometimes to keep from murdering everyone around him, and one way he could do that would be by visiting artist KATU’s first solo show where a portrait of him painted with shit will be featured:

Yep, that’s a portrait of Mark Zuckerberg painted with human feces which, in my opinion, would make a great profile photo on his Facebook account. And if for some reason poo portraits are your “thing,” you can check it out in-person at The Hole gallery in New York until February 22nd.


[H/T The Daily What, header image via Shutterstock]