Meet the model behind the ‘Body Evolution’ video that went viral last week


Last week we shared a viral video called “Body Evolution” which showed a woman being Photoshopped and displayed how much a little artwork can drastically change the way a person looks. Now we can reveal who the model in that video is.

Her name is Sally Gifford Piper, and her husband Tim, was the video’s director. Below is the video in question

ET actually sat down and interviewed Sally Gifford Piper and her husband Tim to learn more about the video and the response it received.

When asked if the couple expected the response they are getting, Tim told [ET’s] Rocsi, “I didn’t expect [the attention] at all. In fact, [the video] was uploaded about a year ago. It had a few thousand hits and then someone with a popular blog blasted it out into the universe and suddenly the phone calls came. It was exciting, but it’s also nerve-wracking. You don’t really expect it to blow up like that and it is exposure for Sally. So I called her and I said I hope you don’t mind, but a few million people might see you in your underwear pretty soon.”

They also said that they made the video in an effort to demand mandatory disclaimers be used on all photos of airbrushed models. Good luck with that.

Here’s video of the interview…

Identity of ‘Body Evolution’ Model Revealed [ET]