Melanie Iglesias is coming out with some new posters; let’s just say they’re very sexy

MTV GuyCode’s Melanie Iglesias is one of our favorite people thanks to the fact that she makes some of the hottest videos on the Web. So when we found out that she was turning some of them into posters, that got our attention.

Case in point: Melanie Iglesias with an early entry for sexiest video of 2014.

Obviously since she was also one of YOUR favorite people in 2013 I figured that these posters by Nick Saglimbeni might also be of interest to you our dear Guyism reader.

So about those posters, as you can see above from the sampling we’ve been provided of her new series entitled “PureMel,” they’re going to be really good. And we’re not just showing you these because they’re hot, even though they are, we’re also showing you them because the sales of these posters help fund her making even MORE hot videos (several are currently planned between now and May).

So go freaking buy one, dude. We want to see those videos!

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