Miley Cyrus GIFs – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology

It’s a party in the USA! Here’s 30 GIFs of Miley Cyrus twerking, dancing, twerking some more and otherwise being awesome.

30 Her resume for sexiest woman alive

29 Well, um, that’s unfortunate timing

28 It’s just so mesmerizing

27 Dat ass though

26 Aggressive Miley is my favorite Miley

25 That’s quite dramatic

24 Miley Twerking

23 Rollin’ with her homies
miley cyrus gif photo: miley cyrus gif 30msfhz.gif

22 What exactly is she wearing here?

21 Miley Cyrus in an Elle photoshoot

20 She makes all the boys crazy

19 Hang out with your wang out

18 Awww, that’s sweet
miley cyrus gif photo: miley cyrus gif 2myaxd2jpg.gif

17 She really likes the leotard look doesn’t she?

16 You go girl
miley cyrus gif photo: miley cyrus gif tumblr_lfi58aklMV1qep2bl.gif

15 More Miley Cyrus twerking?

14 And her ‘O’ face

13 That bikini top suits her well

12 You said it, we didn’t

11 Her hips don’t lie
miley cyrus gif photo: Miley Cyrus Gif shakethatass-1.gif

10 Feel free to caption this in the comments

9 Miley Cyrus is a future murderer

8 The Miley Cyrus wink

7 Fish in your boobs? Fish in your boobs.

6 Showing off her stems
miley cyrus gif photo: Miley Cyrus GIF 3.gif

5 Talk to the hand

4 Child actors, amirite?

3 Twerking in a unicorn suit?

2 Hey, that’s a fake mustache

1 So long

GIF credit: GIFs Planet, Tumblr