If you’re not following model Rosa Acosta on Instagram you’re doing it wrong

Every week for our “Hot on Instagram” feature we try to find a lovely gem that you may or may not have been aware of before. This week get ready to fall in love with Rosa Acosta.

Rosa on Instagram: @rosaacosta

She has over 527,000 followers on Instagram, which is not a big surprise considering all the good stuff she shares on there.

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As for what we know about Rosa, we know that, according to her profile, she is (deep breath) a ballet dancer, personal trainer, elbow lover, nippologist, scar kisser, shower opera singer, midget hunter and future chef. Wait, what’s a nippologist? We also know that she was born in the Dominican Republic, moving to the United States in 2006 where she hit the the modeling world, being featured in magazines, on TV, and in commercials and music videos. No wonder she has so many followers.

Be sure to keep up with Rosa on Twitter, Facebook, OWNLY, her Web site, and of course, Instagram.

Photos: Rosa Acosta, Instagram