This new Kardashian Kollection picture isn’t Photoshopped at all, nope


Kourtney Kardashian, Instagram

Wow. Kourtey, Khloe and Kim all look so real and life-like in this new Kardashian Kollection photo. And it almost looks like they were all really in the same room together when the photo was taken too!

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I don’t even know what to say about this photo, so I’ll just let some of the first 20 people to comment on it on Instagram do it for me. Take it away, Internet people!

lola_xo6 such disgusting photoshopping jheeze
retrojunkyard Bad photoshopping
pollypas Photoshop much?
carisia65 Why is Kim that big, why had she been copy paste bigger on this photo. Looks so unreal. And too much photoshop maked this photo fucked up
hannah12489 Bad photoshop #fail #itsnotallaboutkim
dmarceserrano Photoshop MUCH!!!
dontloveeme22 Kim is sooooo photoshopped
dontloveeme22 Is she even there??
ana_l_luv Looks so photoshopped
rordena1934 Wow this photo looks like shit… Funny too because I’m currently watching Southparks Hobbit episode!
celticwiz Photoshot rules
debelle1979 Hello Photoshop
lenessa011 lol its loom like they drew in kims legs !!
_yirley94 Kim looks weird

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