20 pics of new Victoria’s Secret model Barbara di Creddo sporting nothing but armbras

This might be the greatest photo shoot that Victoria’s Secret has ever done. Nothing but armbras all over the place. And it’s with a model we’ve never seen before named Barbara di Creddo, which makes it even better. Perhaps she’s going to be like their Designated Arm Bra Model. I like the sound of that.

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Leave it to Victoria’s Secret to know best how to put all the attention on their latest women’s underpants by making them the only thing the model is wearing. There’s a reason they’re the greatest company in the world, folks. As for the lovely Barbara, I’ll give you one guess as to what country she’s from? Hint: it’s where like 90% of all the sexy models in the world come from, and it rhymes with, well…nothing. It’s Brazil, people. Brazil.

Photo credit: Victoria’s Secret