Nicolas Cage Drawn As Various Pokemon Is The Best Nicholas Cage-Related Thing You’ll See Today

While at some point I’m sure Nicholas Cage was seen as a “respectable” actor, the guy’s sort of turned into a pop culture joke. Not in the “we’re laughing at you” sort of joke-way, but more of a “I fucking love Nic Cage because he’s fucking ridiculous” sort of way. I mean honestly, can you watch a 4-minute long montage of Nic Cage freaking out without at least smiling? Answer: no, you can’t.

He’s incredible just for the fact that he has absolutely ZERO discretion when it comes to accepting movie roles (he also owes a fuckload of money to the IRS, so that’s probably got something to do with it) and so we get gems like The Wicker Man, where at one point he runs around in a bear suit and punches the shit out of a bunch of women. No really, he doesn’t hit any dudes. Just amish-lookin’ chicks.

Now that you know how much I fucking love Nicholas Cage, it should come as no surprise that I’m about 10 seconds away from buying a bunch of paintings of Nicholas Cage as Pokemon:


How could you not want one of these hanging in your house?? If we’re lucky Nicholas Cage will be cast in the next Pokemon movie as every character, and then I can die happy.

Click here if you’re just as stoked about these as I am and wanna buy one…slash all of them.

[H/T Neatorama, images via Etsy]