Nina Agdal rocking sexy bikinis like only she can

Nina Agdal is easily one of our most favorite models in the world. Not only does she kill it for Sports Illustrated she also does smoldering hot modeling work for several bikini and lingerie companies. Even companies that apparently no longer exist.

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I say that because this photo shoot of Nina that hit the Interwebs this week is for a company called Martha Rey, which according to their Web site and their Facebook page is out of business. Now I don’t know how any company that could produce such a stellar product that looks so good on Nina Agdal could go out of business, but that’s really of no consequence to us, is it? The important thing is we get to see Nina modeling bikinis, no matter who the company is. That’s what I like to call “priorities.”

Can’t get enough Nina Agdal? Lucky for you we’ve got more right over here.

Photo credit: Martha Rey

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