Twitter Hackers Are Threatening To Release Nudes Of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, to the dismay of what I’m going to assume is at least maybe 10 people (?), was one of the celebrities who remained unscathed during The Fappening. Obviously I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Taylor Swift, but I wouldn’t wish a nude picture apocalypse on anyone…except maybe that bitch Sammy I sat next to in second grade. That girl was a fuckwit.

But unfortunately for Taylor, it looks like she might just become another celebrity to suffer through The Fappening, because hackers are reportedly threatening to release nudes of Taylor Swift.

Via TMZ,

Taylor Swift’s social media was taken over by hardcore hackers who are now threatening to release nude pics of Taylor.

Multiple tweets went out from Swift’s account this morning … telling her 71 million plus followers to follow @lizzard and @veriuser — both of whom claim to have ties to a group of hackers called the Lizard Squad. The messages were also posted on her Instagram account.

The Lizard Squad claims to have hacked major gaming systems — such as Sony PlayStation and Xbox Live — last year. They also claim to be behind Monday’s Facebook and Instagram outage.

Now, the hackers say they’re planning to post naked shots of Taylor.

Honestly, I don’t doubt that nudes of Taylor Swift exist; I do though doubt that the hackers have any. Girlfriend makes her living off of being this goody-goody-always-the-victim-ex-girlfriend-can’t-find-love sort of character, so any nudes she’s got are probably kept on LOCK. Literally. There’s probably a secret bank vault full of nudes of Taylor Swift somewhere. And as for Taylor’s side of the story…


Yep. Definitely in a bank vault.

To be continued…

[H/T TMZ, header image via Shutterstock]