Olivia Wilde in perhaps her sexiest photo shoot ever

There are many reasons Olivia Wilde is not only one of our favorite actresses, but one of our favorite women in general. Her willingness to show tons and tons of cleavage in photo shoots like this is one of those reasons. But we love Olivia for way more than just that. We also love her because, as you will see on this video for the cover of this month’s Allure magazine (amazing pics by the way), she’s also about as candid as any actress in Hollywood.

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We also love Olivia Wilde because she’s hilarious on Twitter, because she takes her boyfriend Jason Sudekis to strip clubs, and last but not least, because she has so much sex with Sudekis that he’s actually lost weight. He might just be the luckiest man in America today. So jealous

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Photo credit: Allure