You won’t believe some of the crazy crap in this year’s Oscars gift bag

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Every year all of the Academy Award nominees receive a gift bag filled with cool stuff, but this year the bag, valued at around $80,000 is loaded with WTF. A mace pepper spray gun? Really?

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As Hollyscoop reports, this year’s bag of goodies contains the following…

The aforementioned mace pepper spray gun, Hydroxycut protein shakes (because they all need to put on a few pounds), Dosha Pops (Ayruvedic candy – no idea), DrainWig (that’s right, a plug for their shower drain to catch hair), Epic Pet Health electrolyte therapy (for those dehydrated pets of theirs), Wrag Wrap (fabric gift wrap), Rouge maple syrup (everyone needs syrup, right?), The Green Garmento Gargantote (a laundry bag made of recycled products – like you can get at Walmart), Le Petit Cirque aerial lessons (can’t wait to see Judi Dench do this), Slimware portion-control plates (AKA really tiny plates), The O-Shot Procedure (The O stands for orgasm), and the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System (robotic!).

Wow. On what planet did someone think these would make great gifts for the best actors in the world this year? Then again, it is Hollyweird.

This Year’s Oscars Gift Bag Makes NO Sense [Hollyscoop]

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