Paulina Gretzky did a photo shoot, so you have to watch

I’ve yet to figure out why The Great One’s daughter, Paulina Gretzky, is as famous as she is, but she is, and people seem to love her so when I saw this behind the scenes video of a recent photo shoot she did I figured I would share. Apparently this is her second go-round shooting a cover for Flare magazine, as she also did one back when she was just 16 years-old. As you can see from this video, Paulina certainly got her good looks from her sexy mom Janet Jones (so crushed on her as a kid) and knows her way around a camera. She’s also got some kind of TV special coming up. (Pays good to be the child of the rich and famous, doesn’t it?). She also talks about her Twitter account that caused so much controversy and was supposedly shut down by her dad here. It’s worth a watch if for no other reason than we finally get to hear her speak and not just read what she has to say in 140 characters or less.

Photo credit: Flare