Pick SpikeTV’s new girlfriend: Chrissy Teigen or Katherine Webb

In case you were not aware, SpikeTV’s Guys Choice Awards is almost upon us, and they want us to select their new girlfriend with the choices being Chrissy Teigen and Katherine Webb. Yes, one of the awards this year is choosing which of these two lovely ladies will be the network’s new girlfriend. (I wish I could hold a contest like that). So which 2013 Sports Illustrated swimsuit model should they get to hang with this year? Take a good hard look at these 24 sexy photos of the ladies and then go vote on it here). Now then, how about we get started setting up one of these contests for me? I am thinking Kate Upton and maybe Mila Kunis?

Want a little more Chrissy Teigen? We’ve got more here.
How about more Katherine Webb? We’ve more of her as well, right here.

Photo credit: SpikeTV