Rihanna is going to start a war any day now

Rihanna is on a worldwide rampage as her latest adventure to Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque in the United Arab Emirates got her kicked out for taking “offensive” photos.

First she gets two guys arrested and then gets a bar shut down in Thailand, and now she’s pissing off the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, that picture above is one of the photos that was deemed offensive. Frankly, considering this is Rihanna we’re talking about, I am shocked at how subdued it is. (You can check out more of the photos on her Instagram account.)

Reports Us Weekly

The mosque, however, released an official statement Monday in local papers, saying Rihanna was not only in an area closed off to visitors, but her photo shoot violated the “status and sanctity of the mosque.”

The mosque said Rihanna was asked to leave before even entering the mosque.

See? This is what happens when the government of the United States is shut down, folks. Chaos.

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Rihanna Kicked Off Grounds Of Abu Dhabi Mosque After Photo Shoot Deemed Offensive [Us]

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